Precision PGx Platform

Optimized over more than four years, our Precision PGx Platform can rapidly screen small molecules against all significant driver mutations in vitro.

Three aspects of the platform are critical to its ability to identify existing compounds that can be developed as genetically targeted therapeutics:

Synthetic Lethality Predictions Clinically Validated

The accuracy of the Precision PGx platform has been demonstrated through a retrospective study of the effects of commonly used chemotherapeutics. We screened 20 approved therapies to identify putative synthetic lethality relationships that had not been previously described. We then retrospectively analyzed real world clinical data of patients who had been treated with those therapies and their outcomes. In the vast majority of cases, this analysis confirmed that patients with a driver mutation identified by our platform as synthetically lethal with their particular treatment option had better survival rates than patients without the sensitizing mutation receiving the same treatment.

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